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The Other Two [UK]

Decca F 11911 - "I Wanna Be You" c/w "Grumbling Guitar"
May 1964 Press Release (??? words + picture)

RCA 1465 - Jul.65 - "Don't You Wanna Love Me Baby" c/w "Hold Back The Light Of Dawn"
RCA 1531 - Jul.66 - "I'll Never Let You Go" c/w "Not At Night"

Jemima Smith - singer
Carolyne Attard - singer
[1st name also spelt as "Carolyn" & "Caroline" ]

     Female duo based in London who came to the attention of music director Charles Blackwell and were signed by manager Don Arden, here with their debut single, a one-off on Decca. The press release (which omits surnames) has useful biographical information.
     The blurb states that Jemima had an ambition to record in Nashville, which was eventually fulfilled. The duo visited the U.S.A. and recorded two singles there for RCA, both issued in the UK. The duo stayed together, obviously spending time in America, until Jemima married Duane Eddy in 1969, becoming wife No. 3 (No. 1 unknown; No. 2 was Miriam Johnson, later better known as Country singer / song-writer Jessi Colter, whom Eddy married in February 1962 and divorced in 1968; there was at least one more Mrs. Eddy in later years as he married Deed Abbate in December 1979).
     Carolyne (publicity sheet spelling) returned to London after Jemima married; she became a singer with the group Storyteller, through which she met Andy Bown and in 1971 married him. They remained married until her death from cancer on 4th July, 2001.


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